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Classic Chilean dishes and drinks

The Pastel de Choclo (Corn Pie) Mystery - Chile's favorite home cooked dish has an interesting history, with recipes
Cazuela: Chilean comfort food – Chile’s classic boiled dinner of meats and vegetables
Charquicán, tomaticán and other “—cáns” - Historic Chilean dishes with recipes
Mote con Huesillos, Chile’s favorite summer sweet – Mapuche wheat hominy + dried peaches make an unusual drink, with a recipe
Humitas : Chilean Tamales -  History and recipe for Chile’s indigenous tamales
Eating Chilean Beans – Porotos granados and others – Beans in Chilean diet and culture, with recipes
Eating Asado Chileno: Chilean Barbecue – How to barbecue Chilean style
Machas a la parmesana– Clams baked with Parmesan cheese, a Chilean classic dish
Chilean Pisco: “Aguardiente with the flavor of Muscat grapes – Chile’s and Peru’s brandy and the famous pisco sour
Curanto: Chiloé’s ancient “clambake” -- Chile's and perhaps the world's oldest dish:  shelfish, meats and potatoes cooked in an earth oven.
Plateada – Chilean pot roast - Plateada is among the 10 most popular home cooked dishes in Chile and appears of the menu of every restaurant serving traditional Chilean Creole cuisine. Here's why.
Eating Chilean Pantrucas—noodles -  Among the most humble of Chilean dishes, their name has a surprising origin.
Chilean Chicha - Chile's indigenous booze; the Mapuche made it from strawberries

The Changing Chilean Diet

What Chileans Eat: The Chilean National Diet – Statistics on Chilean national diet
Eating Paleo-Chilean: Food at Monte Verde – Evidence of diet at the new world’s oldest archaeological site
Feasting with the Enemy: 17th Century Mapuche food.  – What a young Chilean soldier ate while captured by the Mapuche
Do Chileans eat chili? -  The evolution of Chilean cooking from spicy to bland
Eating Chilean Christmas - The 19th Century Chilean Christmas celebration was a summer's night public fair; today's is goblaized, with Santa Claus, trees, presents and decorations evoking winter.

Vegetables and grains

Chilean Potatoes – Chile’s native potatoes, their origins and availability, with recipes
Seaweed: Cochayuyo and Luche– Guide to Chilean seaweed, preparation and recipes
Zapallos: Pumpkins and Squash – Origins and history of Chilean squash, with recipes
Chiloe’s Giant Garlic/Ajo Chilote - “Elephant” garlic from Chile’s southern island  
Chilean Corn (Choclo Chileno) - How corn was cultivated and used by the Mapuche and today’s Chileans, their mestizo descendants
Chili in Chile is Ají – The hot chilies of Chile, with pebre (salsa) recipe
Chilean wild mushrooms (hongos silvestres). – Varieties of Chilean wild mushroom and where to find them
Eating flax seed (linaza) in Chile - How flax (linseed/linen) came to Chile and its uses
Eating Piñones – Seeds of the Araucaria tree in Mapuche diet, yesterday and today
At the Tostaduria – Where to buy everything dried: herbs and spices, fruit, nuts, beans, etc. 
Chilean Quinoa -  Origins, history, nutrition and increasing popularity of this Andean "superfood"
Broad Beans and Peas - European broad beans or fava beans and peas are very popular in Chile and have been since the conquest.  Why?
Vegetarian Chile -  Chilean Creole cuisine has a lot to offer those looking for meatless recipes: tomatican, porotos granados, cochayuyo, tortillas, and even tofu if you know where to look.

Ethnic and regional cuisines

Gastronomic Geography of Chile – Translation of folklorist Oreste Plath’s guide to Chilean regional foods
Mapuche Food: Ethno Tourism/Ethno Gastronomy – Sharing a meal in a Mapuche house & learning about the culture.
Eating Peruvian food in Chile - A guide to menus in Peruvian restaurants
Eating Iquique: Seafood and Ají - Food from Iquique, in Chile’s “Big North”
Santiago Kimchi: Eating Korean – Chile’s Korean community and restaurants
Eating Iberian - Culinary highlights of an Iberian vacation
Eating Caribbean - Cartagena de Indias, Colombia - More vacation food.
Almuerzo on the Aluminé – “Shore lunches” while trout fishing in Argentina.
German-Chilean food - Why Chile and N. Dakota have the same favorite desert
Meats, cheese, fish and shellfish

Eating Chilean Beef - Cuts of Chilean beef and how to cook them
Eating Chilean Fish – Buyers guide to common Chilean fish
Eating Jibia: Chilean Humbolt Squid – Buying and preparing “giant squid,” with recipes
Eating Chilean Mussels – Chile’s wild and cultivated mussels, use, recipes and sustainability
Eating/Not-eating Chilean Salmon - 3 posts on Chilean farmed salmon; nutrition, and toxins, environmental costs, economic benefits. 
Chilean Horse Meat  for the Mapuche it is  wholesome, natural and traditional, in contrast to the sugar, salt and chemical laden industrial foods that fill our supermarkets and children.
Chilean Cheese - Chile has four major kinds of cheese:  queso mantgecoso or Chanco, buttery cheese; queso fresco or quesillo, farmers’ cheese; queso de cabra, goat milk cheese; and “gauda” an industrial cheese that usually comes sliced.
Breaded Whale Cutlets? - This recipe in a classic Chilean cookbook made me wonder:  Was whale meat ever important in Chile? Now I know.
Chilean Lamb: Why don't they eat lamb in Chile?
Loco over locos, Chilean “abalone”  From 60 centavos a hundred to $45 a dozen (and higher over seas) Chilean locos have become a luxury food.
Eating Chilean Erizos, Sea Urchins  For some the best seafood there is:  "it does not just make your mouth water, it makes it sea-water" 
Do they eat Chilean Seabass in Chile?  The short answer is “almost never,” but there’s more to it than that.
Blue-Egg Mapuche Chickens - Chickens with blue eggs?  From Polynesia?  Maybe


Chilean Palm Syrup/Miel de Palma – Chile’s endangered native palm and how syrup made from it helps save the species.
Chilean strawberries– Chile’s white strawberries and their contributions to today’s strawberry varieties
Chilean pepinos dulces– “Sweet cucumbers,” their origins and uses
Chilean membrillos (quince) – Origins and uses of quinces
Chilean Papayas – “Mountain papayas,” origins and recipes
Tunas and Nopales: Eating Cactus - The origins and uses of cactus fruit
Chilean Olives and Olive Oil--Here since the 1500s, how it became hot in the 21st century

Odds and Ends :

 Pomaire Pottery/Greda de Pomaire – Chile’s earthenware pottery, history and use
The Eighteenth: Chilean Independence Day - Food and drink on the 18th of September.
Comiendo Illinoisiano – Food of the Illinois state fair, for my Chilean friends and family
The Food Network vs. – How foodie TV is different in the US and Latin American
Drinking Chilean Woman-water – How marketing brings Chile bottled water “just for women”
Chilean Copper Cookware - I received this handsome copper paila for my birthday, but I wasn't sure what I could cook in it.
First Impressions – Introduction to the blog


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